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Why Writing is the Best Tool for Unemployed Job Seekers

I know, it sounds like I’m about to hand out an English literature assignment—but hear me out. Writing is one of the very few crafts that someone can obtain outside of a job and without pursuing an advanced degree. Granted, you must exercise basic sentence structure and grammar; fortunately, this is widely accessible online at no cost.

We also shouldn’t be surprised that writing is still highly valued in the 140-characters or less, social media age we live in. According to Publishers Weekly, print sales went up 10.8% higher in 2017 than print sales in 2013, which means the world still needs people who can write.

Want to stand out in a sea of qualified job applicants? Write out your thoughts and ideas and hit publish. Here’s why:

1. It gives you subject matter expertise.

Each blog post or written work you publish grants you “influence.” This word is just a savvy way of saying credibility. All you have to do is narrow in your focus on a topic. For instance, if you have an undying passion for Netflix, write about movie reviews. With each post, you’re building up your influence as a credible voice in the movie industry. Once you hit publish on your self-made blog, you are only a few searches away from being discovered by a recruiter or a hiring manager depending on your volume of content, SEO usage, or simply linking your blog site to your resume. Not to even talk about posting your work on LinkedIn, a professional platform where job recruiters are actively scouring for influencers (like yourself!) to fill open positions.

2. Writing gives limitless opportunities. Most job seekers are looking for a specific field when it comes to applying for jobs. However, writing is so universal that it widens your field of potential employment globally because you can write about anything. And you don’t even need dozens of written pieces to reap the benefits of online writing. With each article you publish, you are adding more material to your overall portfolio. With a modest amount of 3-5 pieces, you can apply for roles centered around your written expertise without having all the traditional work experience most jobs require.

3. You can land your dream job through writing. Writing is also a form of showing your authentic self. It’s how you think, your creative ingenuity, how you conceive ideas and your honest recommendations on the world’s vast cultures and mindsets. Once you align this with your passion, you not only build up your resume, but you also show that you have the heart and mind to operate any role in the field of your passion. Companies need people like you who can turn complex ideas into genuine, concise, conversational pieces. After all, that’s what makes a company’s message compelling and also viral.

So, grab a notebook or your PC, and get to writing. Most importantly, remember to be YOU. And with each piece you publish, you get closer to a position that lands you your dream job.

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