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New York Fashion Week hosts first ever 'Blind Fashion Show'

New York Fashion Week hosts first ever 'Blind Fashion Show'


[  The dueling sides of Donald Trump  ]

Donald Trump's past and present viewpoints on issues ranging from immigration to his take on longtime Klan leader, David Duke have dominated the headlines. Here’s a list of the GOP frontrunner’s own words.

[  Action on New York's nail salon abuses  ]

Big new policy action was announced this week to address the harrowing labor conditions in New York City's nail salons recently uncovered by the New York Times. Dorian Warren talks with Dissent magazine's Sarah Jaffe and the National Employment Law

​[ Historic election: Nigeria's new president ]

Nigerians elected 72-year-old Muhammadu Buhari as their new president. NBC’s Alexander Smith and Jani Moore from BuzzFeed explain the key moments of what's being called a historic election for the country.

[  Fighting ISIS on social media  ]

Senior White House officials met with Silicon Valley executives to find ways to halt the radicalization of individuals through social networks and the internet.



[  Want an HGTV Styled Room? Get an Accent Wall  ]

If you’re moving into a new apartment/home or you’re finally getting to that laundry list of renovations; here’s one statement piece that will set your place apart from the rest: an accent wall.



[  Kroger’s BBQ Recipes for Everyone  ]

It’s BBQ season, which means it’s time for delicious grilled delights! We asked our expert chefs at our Culinary Innovation Center to create a few delicious cookout recipes, pictured below, for vegan, keto, diabetic, gluten-free, and traditional barbecue goers.


[  Celebrating 10 years of Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Food Rescue  ]

Ten years ago, in partnership with Feeding America, Kroger launched our industry-leading food donation program: Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Food Rescue. In 2017, the Kroger family of companies rescued 91.2 million pounds of food. 



[  Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Food Rescue Manager  ]

I’ve been with Kroger for more than 17 years. Sitting at a department meeting, I was introduced to the person who previously held my position. I remember thinking, “Man, are they hiring?”



[  Stepping Outside Her Comfort Zone  ]

Kroger has more than 450,000 associates across the country. You know what they do inside our stores, but who are they as people? What makes them tick? What makes them smile? And where are they most comfortable?


[  Creating Community Through Volunteer Work  ]

The holidays. For some, it means sharing food and old memories with loved ones. For others, it means looking for the opportunity to create new bonds and give back.


[  Parents Incarcerated: Breaking the Stigma  ]

When visiting a loved one in jail or prison, guests are greeted with cold walls, metal detectors and armed security guards. Imagine making that walk as a child. As daunting as it sounds, that’s the reality for 2.7 million kids who have a parent behind bars.


[  The Future of Food  ]

Nearly 60 small business and start-up brands were invited to pitch their innovative products. The goal? To be one of the new products selected to be carried in Kroger Family of Stores.


[  Fred Meyer Pioneers New Recycling Route ]

With Fred Meyer’s polystyrene foam recycling program, they are leading the charge for Zero Hunger | Zero Waste by safely disposing of excess polystyrene foam, sometimes called Styrofoam.


[  Meet Nicole Davis, Senior Innovation Manager ]

At my job at Kroger, I help develop products people don’t realize they need. These unique products help grow loyalty amongst Kroger customers – and make their lives easier. 



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