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Why Pads and Tampons are more Crucial than Schools and Teachers

I’m going to say the “P” word in this post so give yourself a breather if you need it. The reality is that every girl has a period, but not every girl has access to feminine products. Not only is this embarrassing and a huge inconvenience for these girls, it also keeps them out of the classrooms. We’re not talking about food, conflict, or even a natural disaster that’s hindering girls from attending school and even dropping out. We are talking about a single tampon or sanitary pad that’s keeping 1 in 10 girls in Sub-Sahara Africa out of school.

Our goal is not only simple but reasonable: “provide these girls with sanitary pads, period education, and support while navigating their journey into womanhood.” A menstrual cycle accounts for 20% of the school year, meaning that dozens of girls are out of school right now. Time is of the essence, so our team has already begun battling this scarcity. By no chance are we rookies in this scenario; All We Are strives to provide resources by also stimulating the local economy in Uganda. Our team strategically buys feminine hygiene products directly from local stores and hands them off to girls in need.

So if you’ve survived the end of this post, it’s time for us to get to work.

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