July 19, 2018

“Seen them once, seen them all," was my motto for why I always skipped out on firework shows. Fireworks were all the same in my opinion. The sparklers, shooting stars, and the upside-down smiley face; they all made their debut eve...

May 27, 2015

Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy has been immobilized by a shortage of fuel over the weekend. About 70% of its income originates from crude oil, leaving most of its region at a standstill over the shortages.  This African giant i...

February 20, 2015

How Nigeria Beat Ebola

Dr. Stella Ameyo Adadevoh, a respected physician in Nigeria, contracted Ebola while trying to restrain an infected patient from leaving her private Hospital. In her determined effort to fight diplomatic and...

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Amara Agomuo

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Why Writing is the Best Tool for Unemployed Job Seekers

November 21, 2018

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